Ever felt a little old-fashioned as a Christian? As if you were somehow out of step with today’s culture?

I once felt like that. Not any more. Not since someone introduced me to the thinking of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Now I feel ahead of the culture, a cosmic Christian. Jesus is actually out there in front, leading evolution forward. We just have to try and keep up…

The genius of Teilhard was to come up with a unified vision of reality, in which the worldviews of science and the Christian faith converge in a single, beautiful whole.  It gives rise to a holistic spirituality, which enables us to be wholly human and wholly of God as together we build a unified earth, uniquely the fruit of universal love.  The world has a destiny, the omega point. Teilhard gives us the mega-power of a unified vision of reality.

My name is Hilda Geraghty, and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I have spent much of my life teaching English, French, and Religion. I have post-graduate qualifications in Spirituality, Catechetics and Applied Youth Ministry.

I’ve started this website because I would like more on-the-ground Christians to know more about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, in my view the most significant thinker of our times. I share four illustrated PowerPoints outlining his thinking, and some published articles of mine explaining why we need his vision. My hope is that you will find his whole approach as deeply inspirational as I have.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ

If you do one thing on this website, look at the PowerPoints. Click on one above, and get ready to open your mind.

( If on a phone, touch the two little bars top right to open menu.)

14 responses to “About”

  1. Lovely!


  2. Loreto Ballester Avatar
    Loreto Ballester

    Hilda, gracias por esta oferta que nos acerca a esta gran figura. Su luz tiene capacidad para iluminar nuestro tiempo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Muchas gracias, querida Loreto, por tu animo! Si, es una figura que irradia mucha luz!


  3. Yolanda D. Logan Avatar
    Yolanda D. Logan

    Hilda😁; Your website looks very promising! Keep up the hard work! GOD bless you!


  4. So glad you paid a visit, Yolanda! Thanks very much for your interest!


  5. Isabelle de Sazilly Avatar
    Isabelle de Sazilly

    Thanks, Hilda ! Looks interesting ! I put it in my things to have a look at !

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks, Isabelle! Teilhard will not disappoint!


  7. Mary Ann Escucha Avatar
    Mary Ann Escucha

    THANK YOU for inviting me to this website Hilda. It will certainly widen my horizon…I will keep in touch…,
    Mary Ann Escucha

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thanks, Mary Ann. Teilhard is a whole voyage of discovery!


  9. I am also passionate about Teilhard de Chardin and love that you have created this site. I live in South Australia and follow Ilia Delio within a Chrstophany group here. Thank you for your work, for its clarity and depth. I hope to stay in touch.


  10. Thanks for your encouragement, Di, and delighted to hear from another Teilhard fan! And all the way from South Australia! Great noosphere that brings us into contact despite geographical distance!


  11. Bravo, Hilda! I found the reference to this website when I read the article you wrote on Ilia Delio’s site. You and I met many years ago – perhaps you’ll recall my name. Interesting that I fell in love with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin when I was introduced to him in my college years 1962-66 and he has been a guide for me, increasingly as I have aged and have to come to grips with needing to enter in to the “long view” which he is the Master of. Currently I am engaged in a 10 month study/prayer/faith-sharing group online in which we are using Louis Savary’s book The New Spiritual Exercises in the spirit of Teilhard de Chardin and John Haught’s book The Cosmic Vision of Teilhard de Chardin. Thank you for creating this tool to help anyone discover the treasure we have been given in T.deChardin!


  12. Reply personal.


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